Sunday, December 03, 2006

Notes on Some Possible Future Entries

I have received numerous requests over the past year to introduce my readers to lesser known artists, the kind one would not likely found written up in the major journals of aesthetics, or at least not yet. As the primary task of these writings is to engage with the critical literature on its own terms, I have tried to stay away from venturing out into independent critical musings. Nevertheless, I do believe that it might provide some useful contrast, particularly if any of my readers are interested in my own positions apart from my reactions to the experts. Let me mention, however, that I am in fact no expert and that I hold no graduate degree in art theory. Furthermore, I have never been published in the British Journal of Aesthetics nor any equivalent periodical. Finally, as I am also no artist myself, I am hesitant to put too much weight on my own intuitive responses to genuine works of art. It is worth noting, nevertheless, that I strongly believe that the more we engage in critical reflection on the meaning, function, and possibilities of art in our times, the greater our appreciation of the field will become. And, I would hope, perhaps even the independent arguments of theorists such as myself might someday serve to inspire a younger and more artistically-inclined generation. These are high hopes, but not without an obvious value in maintaining my enthusiasm for my endeavors in writing.


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